The BCA Program

This is a Three year degree program leading to the degree ‘Bachelor of Computer Application’. The course is aimed at developing the computer professionals in the wide range of application areas such as business sector, government sector, scientific research, medical science, social science, management communication etc. This course also caters to the need of Industry and works as a bridge between the student and industry.

BCA course prepares the students to be come equipped with skills required to sustain and grow in the market. The recent employment pattern shows companies like Wipro, Satyam, Metro Shoes, and Vodafone etc. recruiting BCA students for ongoing projects.

The teaching program is divided into 3 Years. Here is the Course Outline

During the first year the student will learn fundamentals in the Computers. In the second year the student will be equipped with more specific skills in the computer application. In the third year the student will take the full advantage of the latest developments in information technology. Details of the subjects to be covered are given below.

Semester – 1

BCAEC101 – Environmental Science

BCAFC102 – Introduction to English Language and Literature

BCACC103 -Computer Organization

BCACC104 – Introduction to Programming ( C Language )


BCACC106 – Mathematics

107 Practical (Based on Paper No. 104 & 105)

Semester III

BCAEC301 – Disaster Management

BCAFC302 – Business Communication III

BCACC303 -Operating System

BCACC304 – Data and File Structure

BCACC305 – Object Oriented Programming with C++

BCACC306 – System Analysis and Design

107 Practical (Based on Paper No. 304 & 305)


301 Linux Shell Programming

302 Data Communication and Networking

303 Java Programming

304 Operation Research

305 RDBMS – II

306 Web Application Development using ASP.Net

307 Practical (Based on Paper No. 301, 303, 305 & 306)


  • Each subject in the curriculum (Theory/Practical/Project) is an independent entity and will be evaluated separately.
  • Two internal tests will be conducted for each theory paper and practical paper in each year.
  • University examination will be conducted for each theory paper and practical paper. The final result of each theory paper & practical paper will be prepared by the University.

Standard of passing

  • A student has to secure at least 40% marks in each theory paper/practical paper/project to pass the subject.
  • A student will be awarded BCA degree only after passing all the three years.

Award of Class

Based on the final result in each year, the class will be awarded to the following scheme.


Pass Class 40%

Second Class 50%

First Class 60%

First class with distinction 70%


EXEMPTIONS and ATKT are as per rules framed by the M. K. Bhavnagar University for this course.